Cyber IQ Review [Summer 2016]

Welcome to the summer 2016 issue of the Cyber IQ Review. The past few months have been as active as ever when it comes to the increase and emergence of sophisticated threats to our digital information. Headline issues have spanned from flaws in daily security measures to global-scale controversy and serious commercial fallout.

This e-book includes new insight from experts within the field of information security, including strategic expert Ryan Lai on ransomware, and Dr. Chris Rivinus on developing an ‘InfoSec culture’. Alongside these, we offer access to some of the most impactful articles that Cyber IQ has released in the past six months, covering elements from national infrastructure protection to incident response. Meanwhile, readers will be able to find the results of our summer survey of cybersecurity professionals, in which we uncover some interesting trends and statistics, including what they believe to be the most critical vulnerabilities and where organizations are failing on implementing policies and procedures. Download the Cyber IQ Review today.

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