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'Energising' Security: Germany and Austria building critical cyber defences

The discussion surrounding information security in Europe continues to intensify this year as the pending introductions of new regulations collides with a time of heightened security. For businesses involved in critical national infrastructure (CNI), demand for the discussion has never been more urgent. Not only is the number of attacks increasing... Read More

Germany’s IT Security Act: Why Europe is Watching

In 2015, the Bundesrat passed legislation requiring more than 2,000 critical service providers to implement a new minimum standard of information security procedures. Once work on the decree is finalised and provisions are accounted for owners of national critical national infrastructure (CNI) – currently anticipated for April-May – those... Read More

From Road to Rail: Cyber threats emerging for manufacturing and transport

As one of the world’s most active manufacturers, and with a reputation for quality engineering, Germany’s ambition to mitigate this threat to its infrastructure is high on the government’s priority list. However, the risks are ever-evolving. As recent months have shown, when it comes to machines, the vulnerabilities can stretch from the... Read More

Security wake-up call for European critical infrastructure

From the 'cyber attack' on Ukraine assets to power generation problems in the UK, incidents this year have already underscored the potential damage that an unexpected incident can place on a nation’s critical national infrastructure and calls into question whether enough is being done when it comes to resilience and emergency measures. “The... Read More

Critical Infrastructure - Why the lack of debate?

There was much talk about defence in the run up to last year’s UK General Election. Today, the issues surrounding Trident, border security and the developing issues in the Middle East remain points of public contention. However, there still seems to be no debate about the United Kingdom’s defence and internal protection of its infrastructure... Read More

Industrial OT-IT Convergence: Is It Really Inevitable?

At last year’s Cyber Security for ICS Europe conference, one of the liveliest topics of discussion considered the widespread segregation of IT (information technology) and OT (operational technology) departments, and the prospects for convergence. As the list of questions surrounding this issue grows, many experts involved in ICS are doing what... Read More

Top 10 Cyber Trends Affecting the CNI Sector

Anthony Leather, Senior Consultant for Aerospace, Defense and Security at Frost & Sullivan, presents the top 10 cyber threats facing critical national infrastructure based on detailed analysis of the most recent incidents. According to Leather, the cyber threat will be the number one risk for the next 20 years. Governments and industry must... Read More

Infoposter: Top 10 Cyber Trends in ICS

View the recent research findings from ICS Cyber Security 2015 knowledge partner Frost & Sullivan in this single... Read More

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Germany’s IT Security Law: Beware the Regulatory Remedy

In 2015, the upper house of the German parliament approved the IT Sicherheitsgesetz or IT Security Law. The act obliged more than 2,000 designated “operators of critical infrastructure” to implement a range of new information security standards within a two year period or face government sanctions. Time is almost up for those organisations... Read More


ICS DACH Plot Thickens for Cyber Security

In 2015, the upper house of the German parliament, the Bundesrat, approved the IT-Sicherheitsgesetz or IT Security Law. This act mandated that more than 2,000 “Operators of Critical Infrastructure” should implement a raft of new information security standards and comply with notification obligations within a two year period or face severe... Read More

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The Weekly Breach #TWB 03.03.2015

Download your free exclusives now and access the hottest cybersecurity topics this week on The Weekly Breach:Top 10 Cyber Trends Affecting the CNI Sector8 truths the ICS Cyber Security Summit must addressRisk of environmental cyber attacks demands “enhanced monitoring”Infographic: Is your business prepared to respond to a data... Read More

Cyber 9/11: Is The Oil & Gas Industry Sleepwalking Into A Nightmare?

Cyber Security within the oil and gas industry is a threat that is, in many cases, being ignored. It has a direct effect in the creation of government regulation and legislation, can have deep financial impact and – in some cases – can even cost lives.The 2014 Verizon Data Breach report states that 40% of the attacks performed in the... Read More

Guide to Implementing the Top 20 Critical Controls for ICS Cybersecurity [Lockheed Martin]

The US State Department in conjunction with the SANS Institute has previously demonstrated more than 94% reduction in "measured" security risk through the rigorous automation and measurement of the Top 20 Critical Controls. What does this mean for your unique control systems environment? Find out how The Top 20 Critical Controls map to real-world... Read More

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28 Solutions to the Cross-Sector ICS Nightmare

In February 2017, two researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology simulated a cyber attack on a water treatment plant. Using ransomware, the academics managed to access programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to shut off valves, increase the chlorine content of water and show false information on computer displays.The ICS world is riddled... Read More


8 truths the ICS Cyber Security Summit must address

February 2015A controversial confession... From the perils of information legislation to bad advice from self-proclaimed experts, the field of cybersecurity for critical national infrastructure is peppered with pitfalls. Here, Defence IQ examines 8 hard truths that the ICS Cyber Security Summit hopes to discuss to better educate the community on... Read More

State sponsored hacking highlights public-private security gap [Defence Industry Bulletin]

The April 2015 issue of Defence Industry Bulletin takes a look at the recent revelations made about state-sponsored cyber activities and what this level of threat means for governments and private companies tasked with protecting critical national infrastructure. Are these partnerships working or does more need to be... Read More

Digital Danger: How Do You Build An Effective Cyber Strategy For Oil & Gas?

From the technical to the cultural, there a many risks associated with digitizing upstream oil processes. As David Joy, Senior Project Integration at Weatherford explains in the following interview, Cyber threats exists that can be managed if you stay ahead of them – read below to find out the elements that go into building and maintaining a... Read More

Risk of environmental cyber attacks demands “enhanced monitoring”

January 2015 Much has been made of the hacking threat in recent weeks where it concerns the loss of business and intellectual property, but there is a risk that such attention can take the focus off the other – and arguably more vital – side of the spectrum; namely, the physical and environmental risks posed by miscreant or state-led cyber... Read More


Intelligence Driven Defense [Lockheed Martin]

See how the Lockheed Martin Computer Incident Response Team (LM-CIRT) used analysis obtained through the intrusion kill chains and robust indicator maturity to successfully detect and mitigate an intrusion leveraging a "zero-day" vulnerability. This whitepaper also reviews:Using a kill chain model to describe phases of intrusionsMapping adversary... Read More

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